Québec Parental Insurance Plan

How to Apply for Benefits?

What you need to know before applying for benefits

You can apply in two ways

  • By using the online services of the Québec Parental Insurance Plan (QPIP). Once you file your application, you will automatically receive a confirmation number. This number, which you should keep in a safe place, confirms that your application to the QPIP has been sent. 
  • By phoning the QPIP’s Centre de service à la clientèle. Once your application is filled out, the officer will propose that:
    • you file your application yourself using QPIP’s online services, or 
    • we send you a copy of the completed form via the postal service for you to sign and mail back to us as quickly as possible. Even if an officer from the Centre de service à la clientèle helped you apply benefits over the phone, you can always register for the QPIP online services so that you can consult and manage your file online.
Last update: June 11, 2009