Benefits for a Two-Man Couple

Same-sex spouses are entitled to benefits.

Maternity benefits

Not available to men, as these benefits are exclusively for biological mothers.

Paternity benefits

Available to the father only.

Parental benefits

Available to the father only.

Adoption benefits

Available to both adoptive spouses.

Two spouses who adopt one or more children can share the benefits as they see fit. However, if only one of the spouses adopts one or more children, the benefits will be paid to the adoptive father only.

Benefits can be granted to the man who adopts his spouse’s child.

Type of benefits according to the plan chosen

The table below indicates the maximum number of benefit weeks and percentage of average weekly earnings for each type of benefit, depending on the plan chosen.

To find out the estimated amount of benefits to which you may be entitled, you can try the benefit calculation simulator before applying.

Types of benefits Basic Plan Special Plan
Maximum number of benefit weeks Percentage of average weekly income Maximum number of benefit weeks Percentage of average weekly income
Paternity 5 70 % 3 75 %
Parentales 7 70 % 25 75 %
55 %
Adoption 12 70 % 28 75 %
55 %

You must agree with your employer on the time of your leave. The Act respecting labour standards has provisions on leave for family events. For more information, contact the Service des renseignements of the Commission des normes, de l'équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (CNESST) at one of the following number: 1 844 838-0808 (toll free). You can also visit the CNESST websiteLink to external site..

If you have made arrangements with your employer to take paid vacation days within the first 18 weeks following the birth of your child, please note that you could lose maternity benefit weeks under the Québec Parental Insurance Plan. As a rule, maternity benefit weeks cannot be paid later than the 18th week following the week of the birth. It is therefore preferable to make arrangements with your employer to schedule such paid vacation days for after your parental leave period.

Last update: 2017-08-15

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