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Applying for Benefits

Before applying for benefits, you must:

To file an application for parental insurance benefits online, you must first enter your clicSÉQUR user code and password. ClicSÉQUR is the Québec government's identity authentication service.

If you begin completing an application but do not immediately send in your application, your information will be kept for 30 days. To send in the application, you must access your file and select Proceed with a benefit application underway.

Please note the following:

  • If you use our online services, the date you send your application is considered to be its filing date.
  • You can upload any required documents directly to your online file (instead of mailing them in). This makes processing faster.
  • A maximum of 3 weeks of retroactive payments can be paid to you as of the filing date.
  • Once your application is sent to the QPIP, you will automatically receive a confirmation number confirming that your application has been recorded at the QPIP.
  • Decisions are usually rendered within 10 days following the date the Centre de service à la clientèle received all documents needed to analyze your file.
  • During the period you receive benefits, you can access your online file and follow your file's progress and make certain changes.
  • If you apply for maternity benefits before your child is born, upon your child’s birth you must send us information on his or her identity. You can provide the information through your online file.
  • Each parent must file an application for benefits.

Simplify your steps

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Last update: 2017-05-11

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