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If I receive vacation pay during my benefit period, do I have to declare the income?

Receiving vacation pay can result in a reduction in your benefits. This applies regardless of your worker status (wage earner or wage earner who is also self-employed) and the type of benefits you receive. You must therefore declare vacation pay.

You can declare the amounts easily through your online file. Simply select the file number and choose the “Declaration of income” tab.

Please note that everyone who receives parental insurance benefits has an online file, even if he or she filed the application by telephone and sent it in by mail.

If you have made arrangements with your employer to take paid vacation days within the first 18 weeks following the birth of your child, please note that you could lose maternity benefit weeks under the Québec Parental Insurance Plan. As a rule, maternity benefit weeks cannot be paid later than the 18th week following the week of the birth. It is therefore preferable to make arrangements with your employer to schedule such paid vacation days for after your parental leave period.

Last update: 2015-02-25

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